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Specializing in the creation of great events, we design, plan and manage every project from conception to execution. Small or large-scaled, make your brand to stand out.



We were born organizing great festival events. Doesn’t matter if you are planning a concert in your neighborhood or the main music event of your country, you can rely on us.

Live every day as if it is a festival. Turn your life into a celebration.

Shri Radhe Maa


We are specialized in creating artistic content. Let’s turn your ideas into reality.


We take care of every aspect of an event. From authority formalities to stage design, you won’t have to worry about a thing.


We are in charge of the event advertising in the most effective way. Digital or traditional, we know how to turn up the volume and spread the voice.

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From fun incentive trips to spectacular galas, align the goals of your company with a huge variety of corporate meeting types.

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.

Leonard Bernstein

Trade Shows

Ensure your booth stands out by making use of strategic lighting, multi-screen displays or lucrative promotional offers.


Gather targeted audiences in one place to share ideas, implement solutions, or improve collective expertise.

Product Launch

To make it work for your business, we build a foolproof marketing strategy for every stage of event organization to maximize exposure and attract your target audience.

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Team Building

Strength the existing relationships of your employees before large projects or quarterly kick-offs. Get a totally productive group mindset which move your company forward.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Bang Gae

Off the comfort zone

Team building events can be awkward! People aren’t keen to expose themselves in front of their colleagues and can be shy. Let’s get everyone out of their comfort zone while still maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Clear Goals

Only after you set some basic guidelines of what you want to achieve can you start thinking of planning activities and challenges that best fit your focus.

Feedback collection

Know if your corporate event idea was successful, you need a way to see if it had any results. We collect and analyze the feedback about what your employees thought.

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