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We support companies to identify options for expanding their revenues through strategies designed to increase sales or identify market opportunities. We help to deal with increasing business complexity due to growth or the need for a turnaround.


Business Development

Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and skills, we can identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help you stand out the national or the international market.

It’s very easy to be different but very difficult to be better.

Jonathan Ive

Product market fit

We build marketing strategies from scratch and fix existing ones. The market restaurant is so busy, but there’s always a free table for those with a good plan.

Local placement

Evaluating the market potential of your products and services Locating qualified sales representatives, agents, distributors, and partners.


Profiling the people in your target market correctly can open the possibility of discovering new segments. And, more important, consolidate your customer base.

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Market Expansion Strategy

We are specialized in the deployment of services to support companies to achieve business growth through an expansion strategy, needing experienced management and representation.

Growth is never by mere chance. It is the result of forces working together.

James Cash Penney

Market Research

We gather data on consumer spending, habits, and responses to advertising. We analyze tons of data to see the effectiveness of advertising and communication strategies in a target market.

Selection & Entry Strategy

There are a variety of ways in which your company can enter a specific market. No one entry strategy works for all markets. A consistent number of factors will influence the choice, we’re here to consider them all.

Partner Seeking

Screening and selection of the most suitable partners for your products or services based on track record, financial strength and marketing capabilities.

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Startup Consulting

Creating a company is not just about having an idea. But if you don’t have any ideas you can’t create one. It is necessary to focus on the business model and turn it into a startup business plan.

Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.

Guy Kawasaki

Business Planning

We help you to set model and processes to meet growth and financial objectives. But most of all, we can determine the expectations to meet future results.

Total Look

We make sure you get a quality driven brand identity that is professionally designed. A look made by expert hands has a great impact on your product design, packaging, website, marketing and sales efforts.

Financing & Funding

We facilitate introductions to potential investors and venture capitalists whose investment portfolios align with your business and risk profile. We assist you in select fund raising activities and options.

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