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The energy is now mobile, this makes it easy to stuff it into a pocket and carry a little bit of it around with you. You don’t believe it, don’t you? Well, welcome to the white rabbit hole.


Power bank Sharing

The revolution of the energy to-go has come! Imagine the day where you’re hanging out with no worries on smartphone battery level, simply sharing a power bank from a wide energy network.

That day is right now.

I believe that access to electricity and light can radically improve people lives.

Olafur Eliasson

⚡️ Power on the go

Charge your electronic devices, anywhere, anytime, on-the-go, without having to leave your device behind or worry about cables.

🔧 Operations

Honestly, we’re artists in this business. We plan, organize and manage the operations from strategic placement up to power stations delivery with the maximum efficiency.

🕸 A wide network

We got a wide and growing network of commercial partners such as bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms, shopping centers throughout Germany.

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Portable Energy

Outdoor Energy as a mobile power source, no matter where. Independently of weather conditions, it has an easy application, powerful and versatile.

Mysterious affair, electricity.

Samuel Beckett

🏕 Outdoor, but comfy

Take the energy outdoor. With our electric portable charger you can experience your wild adventures to the fullest.

💸 Low cost

We offer rentals adjusted to your needs, depending on how much energy power you desire.

🔩 Full service

Not only a portable charger. We also provide you electrical accessories like charging cables, electric blankets and coolers.

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